Foundation Strategy

Exposition One:

Run this material by some darwinists to watch their eyes glaze over, they have no cogent rebuttals, why the global flood model of Genesis should certainly be given high priority in theoretical studies dominated by the timeline and mechanics of uniformitarianism and darwinism, now challenged ‘though with what I think you agree is some very compelling material, really beyond dispute when fully analyzed. So help us bring intellectual honesty to the public discourse about our ancient origins through radio ads guiding folks to this website, where a whole new world of awareness about ancient times will be opened up to them, as of course Jesus is the Word, including Genesis.

The assertions made here about the climatologic, geographic, and demographic changes in the ancient world can be confirmed by search engine with the keywords of subjects and events in the expositions under the various sections at this website; and we certainly encourage such in depth investigation, which when properly weighed with the suspect nature of the radioisotope dating methods (see surely renders the biblical model far-and-away more plausible, with specious darwinism and its timeline destined for the dust-bin of history, the loyal accolytes of darwinism failing to admit the obvious design of nature, seeming instead to worship nature, and so, the darwinists not God are the heads and arbiteurs of nature, or so they think.

Exposition Two:

At the current pace in early 2012 of this campaign, your gift of $1,000 will guide 100,000 unique new visitors to our foundation website to see the overwhelming evidence confirming the historical account in the book of Genesis. Many of those new visitors are true skeptics of the Bible, rejecting the claims of Jesus Christ because of the history in the foundational book of the Word, the book of Genesis, with its seemingly impossible timeline to those who have been propagandized by the darwinian message that the earth and universe are supposedly billions of years old, so that swamp goo ostensibly morphed into you over hundreds of millions of years.

Help us allow people to see the many great reasons demonstrated here that Jesus was not lying when he spoke of the literal Noah’s Flood and the real Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (obliterated and buried by the flood) through your donations for radio ad airtime or by simply referring the link to this website to your friends, relatives, and other associates. The internet (with radio) is a powerful tool to disseminate the valuable information here to eventually much of the world. You can be a big part of it by your donations and/or your involvement by spreading the word with your email communications.

And note the translation feature at this website. The radio ads play only in the english speaking United States, yet with many language speakers from nations around the world now living in our great country, the potential for the global spread of this paradigm-shifting information is obvious. Please help with this effort on a global scale, referring your foreign language speaking friends, family members, and other associates to this material which then will be spread around the planet, helping to fulfill the Great Commission, presenting the good news of Jesus Christ from Genesis to Revelation to our world much in need.

Exposition Three:

The language translation feature is catalyzing a great and rapidly growing ripple effect all around the world! One hundred percent of the foundation money is spent for radio ads only in the United States, but bilingual people from a great many other nations hear the ads then reading the powerful information they thankfully refer it to their countrymen at home overseas, so now your gift of $1,000 effectively reaches 1,000,000 people worldwide because of this translation feature ripple effect.

Hoping for 6 million dollars in donations, all to be spent here in the U.S., the whole world can be reached with this transformative information demonstrating that all of the Bible is true. You could be a big part of this, so please prayerfully consider a large gift to help fulfill the Great Commission in a very big way. All donations are tax deductible, the money to be paid only to domestic U.S. radio companies, yet the reach of this project is now fully global, growing rapidly, join us.

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And to learn what Nienhuis has written on a topic of your choice, use a search engine such as Google keying in the topic preceded by keying in Dancing From Genesis, for instance key in Dancing From Genesis Ancient Mapping to see what else Nienhuis has written on that topic.