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We're writing this children's book Reasons the Bible is Real History for Kids, eventually to be published in hardback form, yet now available here online at the foundation website as we put it together. The text will soon be completed for you to share with your kids, and for the artwork for the book, we'll be accepting submitted drawings and paintings from kids about the subject matter indicated in parentheses.


1) Do you believe the story in the Bible about the first man and woman, Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden when the earth was brand new? And then later do you believe the story about Noah's Flood which covered the whole world?

(Adam and Eve in Garden and another of Noah on Ark with animals)

2) Many scientists and teachers say that the Bible is not real history so it should not be trusted, but after you read this fun little book, then you can tell them why they are all wrong!

(student in classroom explaining to classmates and teacher)

3) When you get older, learning more about science and ancient history in school and everywhere else, many people will not even talk about Noah's Flood because they think it would have been impossible for the floodwater described in the book Genesis to have covered all the high mountains of the world!

(high mountains underwater with kid's face looking down scratching his head)

4) But look at all the fossils of billions of sea creatures stuck in the rock layers high in the mountain ranges! So how did they get there? They must have been covered up in the ocean because that is where they lived, so why are they now way up in the mountains?

(sea creatures covered up in sediments then arrow to them high in mountains)

5) Before the Great Flood of Noah's time, the continents of the world fit together like a jigsaw puzzle! That supercontinent is called today by scientists ancient Pangea. Then when the Flood began, the continents began to spread apart rapidly, reaching their current positions within about a year.

(continents all together then showing them separated in current postions)

6) At that time of global disaster, which was about 4,350 years ago, some of the continental crust, like the shell pieces on a cracked egg, crashed into other continental crust, to have crunched up the very high mountains such as the Himalayas, the highest mountains in the world, with billions of sea creatures entombed in the rock layers of those mountains.

(layers of sand and clay formed in the floodwater being crushed together and upthrusted)

7) So the mountains of the world rose at the end of Noah's Flood while too the new ocean basins sank down to receive the water which was rushing off the continents. The continents and mountains rose up while the new ocean bottoms sank, that is where all the water went, where it is today.

(continent and mountains rising while ocean basin sinks receiving the floodwater)

8) Now you are probably asking yourself from where did all the water come for that Flood which covered the whole world? The Bible tells us that the Fountains of the Deep was the source, up from beneath the crust of the earth.

(water spewing up from long cracks in earth)

9) Many people know that there is hot lava underneath the crust of the earth, but many do not know that down there too is much compressed steam, which when vented at the surface of the earth transforms into liquid water, that was the water for Noah's Flood, lots of water through lots of cracks.

(water compressed as sizzling steam at depth then blasting out at earth's surface as water with lava)

10) We all know that the Bible also speaks about forty days and nights of rain at the beginning of Noah's Flood, yet the floodwater continued to rise for almost four months after that because of the continuing supply of water from the Fountains of the Deep.

(heavy rainfall while Noah loading animals on Ark)

11) So why did it rain for just forty days and nights at the beginnning of the Flood? Think again about the start of Noah's Flood when the continents began to separate with lava and water shooting up through the cracks where the continents were separating (these places today are called the midoceanic rift zones). Water shot up into the sky until the floodwater had deepened enough to stop the high spouting water which had been falling back down for the forty days and nights of rain.

(fountains spewing into the sky early in the flood then showing it surging into deepened floodwater)

12) Now what about Noah's Ark? How did they fit all those animals on it?

(show all kinds of animals around the Noah's Ark to be loaded on and Noah scratching his head)

13) Many scientists would tell you that millions of species of animals would have needed to have been on Noah's Ark, but the use of the term species by scientists to classify animals is wrong. That's because for instance lions, tigers, leopards, and cougars can all mate to have babies, which proves that they all came from the same original parents long ago. So only thousands of biblical kinds (now called syngameons) of animals needed to have been on Noah's Ark, not millions of species.

(show two of each manageable number of syngameons coming onboard including just two big cats)

14) As the Bible says, about 1,650 years before Noah's Flood, the world which God had made in six days was perfect, but Adam and Eve in the paradise of the Garden of Eden chose to disobey God. Their disobedience brought sin into the world, then too entered sickness and death because of their sin.

(Adam and Eve eating the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil)

15) But God having seen Adam and Eve ashamed of their sin and embarrassed about their nakedness killed an animal for its skin to cover their nakedness. The animal was probably a lamb, because Jesus Christ would later be known as the Lamb of God who would be sacrificed so that our sins could be forgiven. He died on the cross then resurrected so that you can be his child by accepting his forgiveness provided by the Lamb of God.

(resurrected and smiling Jesus coming out of the tomb)

16) Why did God want all of the world destroyed except for those on Noah's Ark? The Bible says that during the ten generations from Adam and Eve to Noah's time, the world had become almost completely wicked. Those people forgot the sorrow that Adam and Eve felt for their sin, forgetting that God hates sin yet is willing to forgive them when asked.

(evil people fighting and stealing)

17) So after the Flood, when Noah's Ark landed on Mount Ararat, the people were given a new chance, they were the eight humans who survived on the Ark with the animals. They all came off the Ark and began to explore the new world looking for food. The plants were already growing, so they were very happy to be out of the Ark.

(eight happy people and many animals coming off the Ark where plants were beginning to grow)

18) But one of the first things their children (who were born after the Fflood) did in the new world was disobey God's command to spread out all over the earth. Many of them chose instead to build one big city with a high tower trying to make themselves seem great.

(city with high tower and people looking proud)

19) That was the Tower of Babel, inspired by the rebel Nimrod, where God then scrambled the one language spoken at that time into many languages so the people could not speak and understand everyone anymore. Then because they were speaking different languages, they chose to move away to settle all over the world as God had originally commanded them to do.

(people speaking but not being understood so walking away)

20) Because of hot water from the Fountains of the Deep for Noah's Flood, the world ocean was much warmer after the flood than it is now. So because the ocean was much warmer, much more water evaporated off of it, like steam off a pot of water on the stove, which caused many more clouds to form in the sky worldwide than we see today.

(pot of boiling water then picture of dense clouds above ocean)

21) Many scientists wonder what caused the Ice Age? But because they don't think that Noah's Flood was real, then they don't understand that the warmer ocean afterward caused the Ice Age. After all, for much snow and rain during the Ice Age, there must have been many more clouds! Don't you agree?

(snow falling heavily on people from very cloudy sky)

22) So the deserts of the world (where hardly any rain falls today) were far different in the centuries after Noah's Flood. Where today are deserts were back then green with plants and streams and shallow lakes, because of all the rainfall in those areas from the much greater cloudcover after Noah's Flood.

(Great Pyramid and Sphinx next to high Nile river with greenery all around)

23) And in the very northern and very southern regions of the world, where it is much colder because the sun shines on the earth less directly, there great amounts of snow fell which caused the snowpacks to build-up many thousands of feet in depth.

(Totally white with snow landscape like Antarctica today)

24) But remember that the world ocean was much warmer after Noah's Flood, so even in the Arctic and Antarctic (the North Pole and South Pole) where it is very cold, the warmer ocean back then caused the land near the ocean to be warmer than today, with rainfall too, that is why elephants, cows, deer, and many other animals had streams, pastures, and forests for them to be happy.

(elephants, deer, and rabbits playing in green pasture near ocean with rain falling)

25) Many scientists can't explain why all those animals lived there where now only polar bears and seals live in the frigid cold where no plants grow, but we know why! It's because the world ocean was warmer back then, so pastures and forests grew near those warm ocean coastlines!

(polar bear and seals in white snow scence labeled "now" and greenery scene with elephants and deer labeled "then")

26) Now what about the dinosaurs? All the kinds (syngameons) of animals survived on Noah's Ark, so where did those dinosaurs go to live after the Flood? Many scientists say that dinosaurs died out millions of years before humans supposedly evolved from monkeys, but we have many ancient historical records of dinosaurs which were called dragons.

(dinosaurs coming off Noah's Ark)

27) In the Bible's book of Job written about four hundred years after Noah's Flood, the gigantic dragon Behemoth which lived in the Jordan River is described with a tail like a cedar tree! So does that sound like a hippopotamus or an elephant as the doubters of the Bible say?

(tail of brontosaurus Behemoth compared to tails of elephant and hippo)

28) And about one thousand five hundred years after Job, in the book of Daniel in the Bible, there was a dragon in the big city of Babylon whose name was Bel. That dinosaur was worshipped by the Babylonians but was killed by Daniel. He put a tangled mess of string and tar in Bel's meat to eat which stuck in his stomach when he gulped it down.

(Daniel with hands on hips and scary tyranosaurus rex Bel in temple in Babylon)

29) If you didn't know that there are huge crocodiles and then saw one for the first time, wouldn't you say it was some kind of dinosaur still alive today? Well many more stories about other kinds of dinosaurs (which means terrible lizards) are in the histories of England, France, Italy, Africa, China, India, and even America. Look it up on your computer!

(dragons pulling chinese procession chariots)

30) When Noah's Flood happened, of course the dinosaurs which were not taken onto the Ark died in the flood. So it is no surprise that within the layers of rocks created by the Flood are dinosaur bones with blood and soft tissue still inside. This proves that they surely died not millions of years ago, confusing the scientists who don't believe the Bible, so they don't llke to talk about it.

(scientists looking through microscopes holding up their hands in surprise)

31) When you read the Bible in the book of Genesis, chapter 10, after the Flood, you will see the names of children, grandchilldren, and great-grandchildren of Noah who spread out in the world after the Tower of Babel. Many of them were the leaders of new nations named after them, such as Canaan, Heber (Hebrews), Peleg (Pelasgians), Gomer (Cimmerians), Tiras (Tirasians or Thracians), Javan (Iawan for Ionians), and many more. This proves that they all were really from Noah and the seven other people who came off the Ark.

(map showing nations with Bible names)

32) Many people wonder if the famous story about Atlantis which was flooded by the sea is just another way to tell the story of Noah's Flood. But when you realize that a son of Canaan was Sidon, understanding too that the Sidonians were great sailors, it's no surprise that Sidon was named Posidon, "god of the sea," who started Atlantis according to that ancient story which is not in the Bible.

(ship heading away from shore with saliors waving)

33) So Atlantis was started when the Ice Age was beginning which was after the Flood. And because a son of Sidon (the "god Posidon") was Atlas according to the Atlantis story, and the Mountains of Atlas are all the way across the Mediterranean Sea in Morocco of northwestern Africa near Spain, there is the region of the empire of Atlantis.

(map of western Mediterranean and eastern Atlantic with coastal areas shaded for empire of Atlantis)

34) The ringed canal city of Atlantis just west of Gibraltar in the story was a small part of that great empire of ships and ports built during the Ice Age.

(ringed canal city with ships coming in from the sea)

35) When the Ice Age ended, guess what happened? All that snow and ice packed up on the continents melted to pour into the ocean, so the sea level rose hundreds of feet which flooded all the coastal port cities built during the Ice Age, including the city of Atlantis.

(half submerged city by rising sea and people walking and sailing away)

36) The end of the Ice Age happened about nine hundred years after Noah's Flood, and guess why the Ice Age ended? Think about the warmer ocean which caused the Ice Age, so when the ocean had cooled to about today's temperatures, there were much less clouds in the sky for much less snow and the summers became much warmer then the huge amount of snow packed up on the continents melted away into the ocean.

(clear skies and sun beating down melting away the snow)

37) The greek historian Plato, who wrote the Atlantis story, said that their ships sailed all over the world, so how did they sail halfway around the world and then be able to find their way back? You can know how far north or south you are by knowing the date of the year and then the position of the sun on the horizon at sunrise or sunset, but to know how far east or west you are you have to be able to measure time accurately, so how did they measure time way back then?

(ancient saling ship with sun on ocean's horizon)

38) Ticking clocks were not invented in ancient times. All they had back then were daytime sundials which were not accurate enough to measure east to west distances for ship navigation, so then how did they do it? The earth very slowly wobbles like a spinning top in space while it rotates around the sun, so at night, knowing the rate that the axis of the earth wobbles, they predicted where in the future the stars in the sky would appear, then they measured the difference between where the stars were and where they would be in the future, those angles then told them where they were on earth while they sailed around.

(man holding celtic cross measuring angles of stars in night sky)

39) The rate that the earth's axis wobbles in space is called its precession rate which is 72 years per degree. There are 360 degrees to a circle, so it would take 25,920 years for the earth to wobble fully once, because 72 times 360 equals the 25,920 years it would take for the earth's axis to wobble completely one time.

(show earth spinning and wobbling with arrows showing directions of those two circular movements with the circular movement around the sun)

40) But the earth's axis hasn't wobbled one complete cycle of 25,920 years at its rate of 72 years per degree because the earth and universe are only about 6,000 years old, the Bible says so when you count the ages of the generations from Adam and Eve to the time of Jesus, then the 2,000 years since then to now.

(show timeline from Adam to Noah to Abraham to Moses to David to Jesus)

41) The math word geometry means earth measure! Now you know the real meaning of that word because they measured the earth in ancient times by its wobble rate, isn't that interesting? And that is how they measured the dimensions for the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, which is lined up perfectly to the North Pole. They could have done this only by measuring time accurately!

(Great Pyramid at night with man holding celtic cross)

42) All around the world are many huge ancient stone structures built thousands of years ago which are similar in appearance, often they are step pyramids for anceint worship of the Sun. Most archaeologists can't explain why they look alike all over the world, but we know it's because the ancient people were sailing all over the world buidling those huge temples for nature worship.

(step pyramid from Mexico and step pyramid from Middle East)

43) Scientists who don't believe the Bible say that all the ancient people in North and South America had come across the landbridge which connected Russia to Alaska during the Ice Age when the sea level was hundreds of feet lower, so those scientists think that all the people who built the big step pyramids in Mexico had walked down from Alaska.

(show picture of Siberia connected to Alaska with arrows pointing across then down to Mexico)

44) But we know that is silly because the people in ancient times knew how to sail with little effort across the water, the ocean was their superhighway, they were able to sail across the ocean within weeks and then find their way back too by the stars.

(show ancient ship with sails at night with stars and a woman with celtic cross at the bow)

45) Listed in the Table of Nations in chapter10 of the book of Genesis are the families of Noah, Shem, Japheth, Ham, and their wives, they were the eight people who survived the Great Flood which happened about 4,350 years ago. Those people lived much longer than people do today, so their families were very large.

(show Table of Nations)

46) The names of the people in the Table of Nations are their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren born after Noah's Flood. Many of them were the ones who sailed all over the world, the children of Canaan for instance, who were later known as the Phoenicians, and the children of Peleg, whose name was used for the word "pelagic" which means deep sea.

(show world map with arrows for voyages away from Middle East)